How Can I Help You?

Innovation Ecosystem Building

  1. Advise on building and growing an ecosystem, both public and private sector.
  2. Share my 15+ year experience and lessons learned with the London tech story with your ecosystem leaders.

Innovation Advisory Boards

  1. Join your public or community Innovation Advisory Council.
  2. Connect you with ecosytem leaders from around the globe.

I have collaborated with Corporate in-house policy and corporate social responsibility teams.  This is  down to the importance of the entrepreneur agenda to the corporate mission and to job and wealth creation in the wider economy.  Thought leadership and industry insights were core outputs of this collaboration, and I was often a spokesperson on behalf of the policy team. I regularly speak at events and guest lecture at universities around the world, showcasing lessons learned from fifteen years of working right within the heart of the London Tech Cluster

In addition, my recent work with the EU Startup Europe Initiative has meant that I have interacted with and learned from most ecosystem leaders in major cities across Europe. 

I have built a true pan-European view of the Innovation Ecosystem.