How Can I Help You?

Extend Corporate "platform" to the innovation ecosystem


  • Identify products and services fit for market.

  • Build the business case and Go-To- Market.

  • Identify key strategic partnerships and channels.

  • Make the relevant industry connections and curate high end dinners and events.





  • Build innovation skill sets internally.

  • Partner with external innovators and startups.

  • Identify and coach your in-house intrapreneurs,

Digital Advisory Board Member



  • Bring external innovation market perspective to your Corporate Digital Agenda.

Build your Corporate Accelerator


  • Build the case for a Corporate Accelerator.

  • Help gain internal stakeholder buy-in.

  • Help you deliver internally or identify external partners who can execute.

A small sample of CORPORATES I HAVE WORKED IN, Partnered With, OR Advised over the years.

I have an excellent track record of working with Corporates -  as an intrapreneur, as a business development professional, as an Innovator, and as a Disruptor