How Can I help you? 

Advisory Board


  • I come to your business with access to a global network, to ecosystems, and a willingness to challenge you as a founder.

  • My connections to Corporates, Investors, Strategic Partners and Government will add value to your business as you grow.


Interim Part-Time Executive 

  • You cannot afford a full-time executive, but you need those valuable skill sets - a typical scenario in a growing startup. I can work with you on a part-time basis to help you through these short-term growth pains.

  • I commit to be a loyal member of your team.


  • I bring in wide industry insights and experience, a strong external network that can help your business, and will act as objective voice as your company grows.


The Industry affectionately refers to me as the "Queen of Startups" and there's a reason why.  

It's because I genuinely love working with entrepreneurs.  Every day, I continue to be inspired by the dreams and ambitions of founders and this is what gets me out of bed.  I have built strong, long-term relationships with tech founders from all around the globe.  Over the years, I have advised thousands of startups, both through the ups and the downs. 

 I have your back.